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Injectable Fillers


Bellafill is a beautiful, long lasting dermal filler. It is one of Dr. Schell's favorite fillers. And while not for everyone and every situation, she uses this product more than twice as often as all the other approved fillers combined. It is the only filler that is FDA approved for long term use, generally lasting 5-6 years.

How Bellafill works

The formulation in Bellafill is designed to achieve beautifully soft results that look completely natural. This product stimulates your skin to produce its own natural collagen and this leads to remarkably younger looking skin. It will improve the quality of the skin in neighboring areas, removing fine lines and wrinkles and improving crepe paper like skin, such as under the eyes and the upper lip.

Expertise you can trust

Dr. Schell was one of the first doctors in this country to use dermal fillers in a 3-D fashion, restoring the natural youthful appearance to the face and neck. She knows how to lift and contour with Bellafill, not just flatten wrinkles or puff up certain areas. This can potentially replace the need for a surgical facelift in many patients.

Dr. Schell has pioneered techniques and has trained doctors across the country in these injection techniques that are the standard of care today. Bellafill is a product she has been using for over eight years and fillers in general for over twenty years. Come see the difference that experience and caring makes! Call Ageless for your consultation today.

Results that last

Bellafill treatment offers instant results. Thanks to the ongoing stimulation of collagen, however, these results will continue for many years, often 5-6 or even longer. The longevity of results makes Bellafill one of the best investments you can make for your skin.

The particles in Bellafill have been safely and effectively used in the medical industry for over 60 years and have been perfected over time. They are smaller than a red blood cell. Dr. Schell has been on the forefront of beautifully lifting and restoring faces to their natural youthful appearance with Bellafill (formerly known as Artefill) for over 8 years.

Bellafill is one of the best kept secrets in cosmetic dermatology and facial rejuvenation. The use of Bellafill requires a high level of expertise and mastery, a great aesthetic eye and skilled hands. Dr. Schell has that high level of expertise and mastery in the art and science of Bellafill as a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist. She is nationally recognized for her expertise and skill with Bellafill and in the industry in general.

The company that makes Bellafill is small compared to giants like Allergan, therefore there is not much direct to consumer marketing. This, coupled with the fact that most doctors do not have the skill level to properly use this product, keeps it somewhat unknown.


Juvéderm Ultra and Juvéderm Ultra Plus are injectable hyaluronic acid gel fillers known for their smoothness and natural appearance. Juvéderm is a "temporary" filler, but one that still has long lasting qualities. This makes the product an effective choice for smoothing out the marionette lines or nasolabial folds. This hyaluronic acid filler can also be used to enhance facial features. Dr. Schell uses Juvéderm to sculpt the cheeks and improve the jowl area to diminish the appearance of other wrinkles. Juvéderm is our favorite product for lip enhancement.

Dr. Schell is an expert at creating beautiful natural appearing lips.

Most people find Juvéderm, tends to cause a little less swelling of the lips compared to Restylane . While there are many similarities between Restylane and Juvéderm, there are some differences, for example Juvéderm lasts twice as long . This means less trips to the office, less downtime, and saves you money! And remember, whether you just want to restore a little natural plumpness to your lips or enhance the size or shape of your lips, the choice is yours.

You should expect swelling with any filler and especially when working with the lips, so allow yourself several days to fully look your best. If you have had an improperly or poorly placed hyaluronic acid based filler (Juvéderm, Restylane, Perlane, Belotero, Voluma) please see Dr. Schell about correcting this or dissolving it. You can have full correction in as little as 24 hours. Don't live with something you don't like.

Dermal fillers like Juvéderm give you the opportunity to age beautifully. To achieve results that meet your needs for a natural look, you want to obtain treatment from an experience physician like Dr. Barbara Schell. Contact Ageless at (206) 539-0998 today. A friendly member of our staff is happy to schedule your consultation or rejuvenating skin appointment.


Facial experts tell us that an attractive face will have high cheekbones, smooth, rounded contours, and excellent definition along the jaw line. Together, these three characteristics form the heart shape that draws the eye in.

With age, the amount of fat beneath the skin is depleted. Gravity, the effects of the sun, and more act together to reverse the facial shape that conveys youth. If you have noticed that your jawline looks "heavy" or that your cheeks are no longer as prominent and rounded as they once were or hollowed areas are appearing, you will be excited about what Dr. Schell can do with Voluma™.

Designed specifically for the restoration of fullness in the mid face, Voluma contains plumper, larger particles than fillers that may be suited to lines and wrinkles. When administered into deeper tissues, this filler can be sculpted to the exact shape and size to create perfect harmony between facial features. With the expert application of this product, Dr. Schell restores softer, more youthful contours to the face while at the same time making you look like you!

Voluma is a fabulous filler in the hyaluronic acid family of fillers. One of the wonderful aspects of Voluma is that is lasts twice as long as all other fillers in this class. This means your beautiful, natural results require less maintenance and down time. Voluma lasts on average for two years.

Often patients are concerned about long lasting products, with one of the big fears being that they will look dramatically different or they will be overfilled. This is simply a matter of the care and expertise of the person performing your treatment and what you want. Dr. Schell is impeccable in listening to what her patients want. If a conservative approach is desired, then this is what she will deliver.


Sculptra is a long lasting filler that affords beautiful, natural results. Sculptra is a lactic acid based product that stimulates the skin to form collagen. This makes the skin more vibrant and youthful in appearance, fills fine lines and wrinkles as well as deeper wrinkles. These changes will then last for 2-3 years.

Dr. Schell is an expert at using Sculptra to 3-dimensionall y lift and contours the face and coined the term Liquid Facelift many, many years ago as she was one of the first to use and teach this technique. Dr. Schell trained many of the physicians across the US to use Sculptra, and early on had used more Sculptra than anyone else in the country.

Sculptra can be used in the hands as well to hide the signs of aging.

One of the unique properties of Sculptra is that it takes time to see the results. As the collagen gradually increases the skin and wrinkle improve over several months. This is ideal if you prefer a more gradual change. If you prefer instant gratification, then your Sculptra will have to be supplemented with another filler at the same time, or perhaps Dr. Schell would choose something all together different for your needs.

  • Ageless, the Center for Rejuvenation
    Rating : 5 5 Stars
    Dr. Schell and her staff has always been so knowledgeable and provide such excellent service. My skin has never looked so healthy and vibrant.
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  • Best Botox and fillers I've ever had. Dr Schell and her team are perfectionists and, aside from making you look beautiful, they're also focused on keeping you comfortable. She pioneered fillers and Botox in Seattle and truly is the expert. I wouldn't have anyone else administer my fillers.
    Tamara D. | Read More
  • Dr. Schell is simply the best. She is an amazing doctor and a wonderful person. She truly cares about her patients. If you are looking for the best Dr. and staff. You found it!! I highly recommend her. Thank you Dr. Schell!
    Shay Wilson | Read More
  • I have been coming to Dr. Schell since she open her doors in Freemont, and followed her to her gorgeous new boutique office downtown. I adore her and staff, the attention to detail and the way she has kept me young! Light Fillers, lasers and peels is what I have done over the years. Plus she is the best in town for Botox. Thank you Dr Schell and staff.
    Jennifer Mcguire Henshaw | Read More
  • Love Ageless! People have no idea I am 52! Dr. Schell keeps me looking 40 something!!
    Cathy Schrank | Read More
  • Dr. Schell is simply the best. She is an amazing doctor and a wonderful person. She truly cares about her patients. If you are looking for the best Dr. and staff. You found it!! I highly recommend her. Thank you Dr. Schell!
    Shay Wilson | Read More
  • Best Botox! – I had my first ever Botox injection a couple weeks ago. I was extremely nervous but Dr. Schell made me feel very comfortable from the moment she walked into the room. Not only is the gal gorgeous, but she's nice and funny too! She listened to my concerns and put my fears to rest . Now that a couple weeks have gone by and the Botox has taken full effect, I can truly say that she is a miracle worker. Before I looked like I was constantly angry, like a permanent frown. Not anymore! And now when I stare at a computer screen for hours on end (cubicle life, sigh) I don't frown/squint at the monitor nearly as much. I will definitely be going to her again for this treatment!
    Anonymous | Read More
  • I was in desperate need of a peel and was referred to the Ageless Center. Was highly impressed with the staff and booked my appointment right away. The Illuminize peel was exactly what I needed - it left my skin absolutely glowing and had none of the redness and flakiness I usually get after peels. Great treatment - would go back for another service!
    Anonymous | Read More
  • best kept secret!!!! - I've had a number of treatments from Dr. Schell including botox, Restalyn, and collagen. I've also had laser treatments to get rid of numerous age spots and broken veins. Dr. Schell is a highly professional and skilled Cosmetic Surgeon and Dermatologist. Dr. Schell has always been extremely helpful in providing a sensitive and realistic consultation with regard to what kind of results I could expect and achieve. My results have been extremely satisfying. Her follow up's are outstanding. The spa is professionally run with efficient and thoughtful staff. Prices are realistic and fair. Occasionally, specials have been offered. I've even been successful in getting my husband to come in for a variety of treatments. His results have been no less remarkable. Ample parking in the garage, but I've always been able to find a spot on the street.
    Pros: Highly qualified physician offering caring and extremely skilled service
    Monica | Read More
  • Lovely – I recently had my first Botox treatment with Dr. Schell. She was very reassuring and made me feel so comfortable with the process. The ladies in the office were warm and friendly. I ended up with a great result and would recommend the services at Ageless to anyone!
    Bena | Read More
  • Look No Further! - While there are a lot of choices available, Ageless is a physician-directed medical spa with a dynamic team of experts. Over the years Dr. Schell has helped me look and feel my best from the inside out in an atmosphere of elegance, relaxation and complete serenity.In my consultation with Carol she provides years of experience and state of the art information on the latest cosmetic procedures. This has helped me make the most informed choices on how to counteract the effects of aging. It's clear to me that Ageless offers only those products and services that have scientific support and merit.
    Dani | Read More
  • Dr. Schell, The best services I have had – My relationship with Dr. Schell has been what keeps me smiling each time I look in the mirror. Aging can be a good thing when you have a Dr. who helps you age gracefully. She always greets me with a smile and understanding that I am not an easy sell. The facility is to die for, I send my family and friends
    Sadi | Read More
  • Excellent Experience – I have had several wonderful experiences at Ageless in Fremont. After having a baby I was pampered and treated like a princess. Dr. Schell was accommodating when I was a few minutes late. (due to a new baby) I was welcomed at the door by a sweet gal, and was relaxed my entire visit.
    Anonymous | Read More
  • I am in LOVE! – I have had treatments such as Botox before at my derms office. The Ageless Center is so much more beautiful and relaxing. The staff was AMAZING! They answered all my questions, did not rush me, discussed all options and considerations with me. I was so delighted with thier services, I booked two more appointments before leaving and immediately started called girlfriends from the parking lot to tell them how great the experience was. I had Botox, but am going back for a glycolic peel as well as additional medical treatments. I could not be more delighted with the service and attention received. I also felt that the prices were very competitive. There is a first time visitors discount as well!!
    Trixie | Read More

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